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At Potcoava you will find 13 rooms (5 double rooms and 8 family rooms that may accommodate up tot 2 adults and 2 children), each equipped with it’s own bathroom and handcrafted furniture made Bogdan Tipu, a local wood artisan. We love working with local artisans and we are proud to say that all the furniture in our accommodation unit is made by Bogdan – you will see his signature “handmade by Bogdan” on all pieces of furniture.

Shared areas and bar

Our accommodation unit is completed with the Reception and an open living room with comfortable sofas, a bar filled with the best wines and other beverages and a library. Here you may relax reading a book from our library – we have a lot of books dedicated to horses and equitation but also marketing and business books as well as fiction books. Our books are in Romanian and English language so all our guests may have something to read.

Also in the living room you will find the only TV we have in our accommodation unit. We like spending time outside as we are in the middle of the nature and surrounded by such beauty so we encourage our guests to stay less in front of the TV and spend more time outside. The TV in the living room is available for all our guests if they want to enjoy a movie or a TV show. As it’s shared, we kindly ask everyone to take this information into consideration.

On winter evenings the fairy tale atmosphere is completed by the unique fireplace made by Attila Kolozsi - a well known ceramist. He also made the ceramic oven in our yard, the magical place we like to use for outdoor cooking sessions.

Restaurant, terrace, training room, playground and SPA

The ground floor of our pension is one of the most interesting and complex areas we offer. Here you will find 3 main areas: a mini SPA, the restaurant with it’s terrace and a pavilion situated in our yard as well as a large outdoor playground.

The Restaurant and training room

Our restaurant awaits you with special dishes made with natural ingredients that are selected from the small local producers. Every day we prepare “the day’s menu” which you will get to know when you arrive. In case you want something else to eat in one of the days spent here we kindly ask you to tell us and, if we have the ingredients we will serve you the dish with pleasure.

Our restaurant being pretty large, we made at the end of it a small training room that we use for organised groups who need it for special meetings, workshops or other indoor activities. The room is suitable for 18 – 30 people (U shape) and it has a projector and a screen, flip chart, sound system, wifi access and it can be completely separated from the restaurant through a dividing wall.

The terrace and the pavilion

Our terrace is when relaxation comes in: you can access it from the restaurant as well as from the training room and also from our yard. From here you will see the beautiful mountains that surround us and the beauty of nature. In the evening from here you will have the best view through to the stars (from here and the parking lot).

The terrace is situated next to our pension’s building and it continues with a pavilion situated a few steps away. Here, in the pavilion we have a handcrafted ceramic oven (made with soil found here, in our Runcu area) and this area is everyone’s favourite: here we have outdoor cooking sessions, wine tastings and we also organise private parties.

Playground and activities

The outdoor space we put at your kids’ disposal is a very generous one – after you leave the terrace and the pavilion you only have to walk a few more steps to reach our newly designed playground: it includes a “fairytale house”, a slide, a few climbing panels and a lot more.

We also have available: airsoft (only with prior reservation), campfire, zip line (as part of the playground for kids).

As indoor activities we think is a good idea to try our mini SPA (jacuzzi, sauna, salt room), to spend some time in the generous living room while reading a book or enjoying the fireplace.

SPA & relaxing area

Our SPA area is made of a jacuzzi, a sauna and a salt room. All of them are available with a charge and with prior reservation.

Because we have a generous space here at Potcoava a very wide are of our yard is dedicated to our Haflinger horses and equitation activities. Our main circus is situated in front of the pension and close by we have a round pen. The next area in our yard is exclusively dedicated to our horses: here are their stables and the usual place where our horses enjoy the sunny days and the grass daily. May we also say that in this area we are enjoying the best sunsets?

We shall be waiting for you!

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