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Horse Magic


Horse Magic

Horse Magic

What do horses mean to us?

The horses are our partners and our friends. Without their help, Potcoava riding centre could not exist.

Potcoava is about living beautifully, in peace, near the forest, in the company of horses. We wish that in the future we will be a reference place for equestrian tourism, for horses treated as partners and people would come with pleasure to try this relatively new activity in Romania.

In addition, we are very happy that we are able to pass the love for horsesto all who pass our threshold. For some time now our horses have received the name of “Blondele de la Potcoava” (“The Blondes of Potcoava”) and sometimes visitors amaze us with the fact that even they come to us for the first time, they already know our horses’ names. How do they know that? From their friends who have already visited us!

And because the horses are so important for us, it took us about 1 year to choose the breed. Then their training followed so they will be suitable for learning, especially in the hill area where we are here in Runcu. During all this time, the one who helped us – in the choice of the horses but especially with the trainings – was Miron Bococi, one of the first 10 horse trainers in the world. Miron lives in Barcelona and for over 10 years has been training horses. He was with us in Tyrol when we chose the horses, then came to Romania to train both our horses and our colleagues who deal with them daily.

Because of these things and the attention we give to our horses every day, today we are proud to offer true horse riding experiences to all those who are curious to meet our horses and this wonderful sport called “horse riding” or “equitation”.

Why Haflinger?

All our horses are from Haflinger breed, mountain horses that come from South Tyrol area, known both for their beauty – we are pleased to be in the presence of these horses – as well as for the performances they have in the hill and mountain areas. Unlike other horse breeds, the Haflinger does not hinder, does not slip, goes very well on steep slopes. In addition, it has a drop of Arab blood in it which makes it fast enough if you want to run and travel to long distances.

So the Haflinger breed is the most suitable for us both because of the landforms(hills & mountains) that we have here at Potcoava and which they dominates perfectly, as well as because Haflingers have a relatively small stature (1.50 m at whiters – a fact that it encourages the future rider to quickly decide to get on the horse) and are suitable horses for beginners but also for the most experienced ones.

The great advantage of our horses is that they are very well adapted to the terrain on which they are every day. We are in a hill-mountain area, the Haflingers are raised in the mountains, they know how to run in the hill and in the valley without having any trouble. Haflinger is a fairly rustic horse and it feels very good on pastures also in summer as in winter. This means that we may offer horse riding lessons in all seasons as long as the rider is aware of the weather conditions and agrees to ride.

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