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Horse Touch - Horse Assisted Education


Horse Touch

HorseTouch – Horse assisted education(HAE)

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We are a HorseDream Germany partner and the members of our team are Madalina Vantu, Ionut Popescu, Sanny Cassani, Gabriel Balanescu, Alexandru Busila and the horses Royal Lady, Lizi, Neli, Pandora and Steward.

HorseTouch is an integrated development method that combines horse assisted education with business experience and the expertise of educational design.

Our team

Who do we address to?

  • Superior management teams: board of directors/ administration board, division directors, different departments, etc
  • Project management teams
  • “Top talent” teams

In what context can HorseTouch be useful to you?

  • When you already tried a lot of methods and the results are not as expected
  • When you have an ambitious plan and already know that all the other methods tried won’t work.

What are the benefits?

  • Everything is action-based & you have immediate feedback about your ways of working.
  • You experience relevant solutions to your context.
  • You gain direction, the team achieves alignment.
  • Horses demand your individual commitment.
  • You gain unprecedented insights about you and your team.
  • You translate into practice your insights and knowledge.
  • You focus on solving current and future problems.

Working on all 3 plans of cognition, emotion and action, HorseTouch generates a durable transformation and accelerates the rhythm in which each team get to the final results.

What topics can you address with the help of Horse Touch?

Ω Leadership
Ω Management
Ω team roles
Ω Conflict
Ω Awareness of change
Ω Change management
Ω Inovation
Ω Values & Strategy
Ω Sustainable Development

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