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Learn: initiation in horse riding - 2 hours program

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Learn: initiation in horse riding – 2 hours program

At Potcoava we offer initiation classes in the beautiful sport of equitation. We work with those who are at the beginning on the road of horseback riding (with this type of program).

Initiation in horse riding means learning how to harness the horse (to put it simply, how to put it out of the stable, how to clean it and how to put the saddle on), how to keep your balance, how to keep your hands / feet / shoulders while on the horse, how to control the horse, how to make left – right movements, how to walk in step and trap, how to get out of the outdoor arena and more. In the introductory lessons we teach you basic things and from there each person learns differently.

The initiation programs we do are of several types: we have packages of 1 day (2 hours program, weekend packages and longer packages (these are realized on request). What is different in each case is what you have learnt at the end of these lessons.

Learn: initiation in horse riding: 2 hours program

Price: 425 RON/person/package

The program is made of 2 hours of riding, half of which is spent in the outdoor arena and half outside of it.
In this time you will learn to stay straight on the horse, to be safe and to make simple movements (left – right, to go up the hill and down the valley).

The price includes:

  • 1 horse for 2 hours working effectively (knowledge of harness, mounting, riding time, dismounting
  • qualified instructor to hold lessons
  • buffet lunch

Availability: the program is available any day of the week with prior reservation.

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