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Initiation and horseback riding trips


Initiation and horseback riding trips

At Potcoava you have a lot to choose from when it comes to riding programs

We have 3 types of dedicated programs:

Discover horse riding

The program is dedicated to those who have never ridden, who still do not want to take riding lessons but who want to walk a bit on the road or through the woods to see what it is like to be in the saddle of a horse.

Things are going as follows: we provide a horse with a member of our team who will walk permanently beside the horse and take the leash. The new rider is helped to get on the horse and taken for a walk in the surroundings of Potcoava.

Recommended time for a session: 1 hour. You can find more details here.

Learn: initiation in horse riding

(in the outdoor arena and outside it)

At Potcoava we offer initiation classes in the beautiful sport of equitation. We work with those who are at the beginning on the road of horseback riding (with this type of program).

What we do differently from other riding centers: if you learnt riding in Bucharest (for example) most likely you did all the lessons in the outdoor arena. Well, in our riding center you will have the opportunity to learn in the outdoor arena as well as outside it. Due to the landforms we have around in our area we have the opportunity to teach you how to stand on the horse on a hill and on a valley, how to pass a river, how to manage a horse outside the arena – thing that is completely new if you have tried this only in an arena before.

We are waiting for you at Potcoava for a completely new riding experience! You will discover not only that riding is an extraordinarily beautiful sport but you will also learn how to communicate with the horse in several circumstances.

We offer you packages of a day, a weekend or packages during the week. More details about the riding initiation packages can be found here .

Explore: horseback riding trips

After the initiation in riding you have been ”qualified” to “intermediaries” and can make horse trips. You already know how to get on the horse, start and stop him, keep your balance on him and make him go in the direction you want. Now it’s time for you to learn some more.

The trips can be of one or more days and depend on the degree of difficulty desired by the rider. You can find here .

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