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Location story - Runcu area


Location story – Runcu area

Passing Brebu village and going straight ahead to the hill called “Varf la In” the road splits at one point in two. Going to the right you will easily reach “Potcoava Mountain Hideaway”(as this is our full name), a place where you can admire the most beautiful view over the Leaota mountains and the surroundings.

Yes, we know, we are not modest when we say this and we are waiting for you to see it with your own eyes! Potcoava is situated in the middle of the forest, in an opening among trees, 3 km from the nearest village (Brebu). This settlement precisely allows us to make trails in all directions around us – by horseback, on foot or by bike.

The wildlife is very active on the hills of Runcu. A 10-minute walk around our guesthouse is enough to see more animals and birds: rabbits, pheasants, wild cats, red and brown squirrels. Bird lovers believe that it would not be boring to stay here for a whole week to watch the countless species of hawks. Almost every ride may offer you a meeting with one of the animals or birds that live in the area and this is a unique experience for every person who comes here.

Runcu commune is located along Ialomicioara Valley and is an area filled with streams with clear and cold water – great to admire on a hiking or horseback riding trip. The landscape here includes thick forests as well as hills and high mountains in the distance. Around you will find nature, lots of peace and a very rich flora and fauna – once you decide to go deeper into the mountain you will have the opportunity to see deers but also bears and wild boars. Of course, they do not let themselves be seen so easily, nor do you find them nearby, but rather far in the heart of the mountains.

Brebu village – the closest settlement to Potcoava – is documented along with Runcu (village and commune), in 1564 and is located on one of the most picturesque peaks at the foot of the Leaota Mountains: in the place called “Plaiul Domnesc”. Legend says that through this area passed the “border road” or “the old road to Transylvania” known as “The Lordly Road” (“Drumul Domnesc”) or “Plaiul Domnesc”. In those times there was no possibility of building roads through the valley so people were using the roads made on the ridges of the mountains.

Legend also says that in this area would have passed “the outlaw” (haiduc) Radu Anghel: “haiduc” for some and thief for the others, Radu anghel remained in the legend mainly due to rumours of a hidden treasure he found in one of the caves in this area.

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